1. 4 x 5 litre Passion Fruit Slush Syrup
  2. Dilution 1:5
  3. Huge Profit Margin
  4. Passion Fruit Slush Syrup Popular in the UK


Passion Fruit Slush Syrup - 5 Litre Pack I Stardust Confectionery

Passion Fruit Slush Syrup –  4 x 5 Litre

Our extraordinary enthusiasm organic product slush syrup is steadily created as we need a top notch item for all Stardust Confectionery clients. Made in a UK reason constructed present day industrial facility, Stardust Confectionery enthusiasm natural product slush blend is made with a proportion of 5 sections water and 1 section syrup.

We are glad to state that well more than 100 medium measured cups of enthusiasm natural product slush can be yielded from each clump of energy organic product slush syrup. Never beaten on flavor or surface, you can blend the tropical slush syrup in with different Stardust Confectionery seasons as well, for an additional frosty ache of flavor.


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