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  1. 4 x 5 litre Lemon N Lime Slush Syrup
  2. Dilution 1:5
  3. Huge Profit Margin
  4. Very Popular with Everyone
  5. Tutti Fruity Slush Syrup Popular in the UK


Lemon N Lime Slush Syrup - 5 Litre Pack I Stardust Confectionery

Lemon N Lime Slush Syrup – 4 x 5 Litre Pack

Concentrated flavor for Granita or Slush, based on fruit juices, sugar, and water.Best Lemon N Lime Slush Syrup deals on stardust confectionery.Our lemon lime slush syrup concentrate is a definitive in refreshment.An ever prevalent slush most loved with the empowering blend of lively lemon and lime, which doesn’t need to be appreciated on hot days. Not exclusively do our exceptional slush recipes ensure your slush machines moving parts to help broaden its life. Every one of our plans is calibrated utilizing center gatherings comprising of offspring of any age to furnish you with the absolute best quality items — one of our most well known slush syrups.

Note:Lemon N Lime Slush Syrup – 4 x 5 Litre Pack container can make 110 ordinary 300ml Slush drink.


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